After the great success of I am Ugly Betty, RCN Televisión brings us again the success of Ecomoda, this time in series format. This series is written by Fernando Gaitán Salom (Libretista de Café con aroma de mujer and Yo soy Betty la fea). directed by the well-known film director Mario Ribero (director of Yo soy Betty la fea) and has the performance of the talented cast of this wonderful telenovela.

After a year, the friends and companions of Betty and Armando reappear to define their lives. From now on, Ecomoda will be the place where these characters will have to deal with the daily chores; romances, tragedies, reunions and power will take hold in this company. And it is that, as a result of the economic recession that not only Colombia but most of the Latin American countries are going through, Ecomoda understands that it must internationalize, invest in foreign capital, achieve new currencies with strategic partners even if this implies radical changes. But these new winds will necessarily generate a new way of life.

With the appearance of Mario Calderón -a man hated by some and forgotten by his best friend Armando- Betty feels that her life and her privacy are in danger and she has enough reasons to feel that way, since Mario will bring with him three characters who little by little will earn the love or hatred of the Ecomoda employees. This is Gabriela Garza, an influential Mexican in the world of fashion. Since her arrival, she revives in Betty all the women who in previous years were romantically involved with Armando, Betty fears that the man who swore loyalty, fidelity and eternal love to her will forget that he has an established home and a full life and return to his womanizing adventures. Betty is not completely wrong, Gabriela will burst into her life and that of others, but her main interests will not center on Armando as the attractive and interesting man that he is, or at least not for the moment. Rather, her point of attention will be set at Ecomoda, a company that will give her many satisfactions and economic achievements, but for this, she will have to adapt to the work style of the employees and partners, who will always fear that this woman will come to take over the company, making radical changes and most likely a restructuring of the staff.

Technical File

Direction: Mario Ribero.

Scripts: Fernando Gaitán.

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 26 X 60.

Production year: 2002

Produced by: RCN Studios.