A stunning transgender woman who inherits her love of beauty and hairdressing from her beautiful and friendly mother. She precisely supports her with a lot of effort so that she travels to Paris to update herself.

The story begins with Lala returning to the popular neighborhood where she grew up and where her mother has a beauty salon that her daughter now wants to transform into a great SPA. But hairdressing is not the only thing that will change radically. Lala's life takes a complete turn when Francisco arrives there, a handsome executive from high society, frivolous and a womanizer like no other. Francisco is a fugitive from justice, accused of a crime he did not commit: a millionairess will be orchestrated by his father-in-law who used him to rob prosperous companies and big millionaires who entrusted their capital to the financial company he owns and of which Francisco is manager.

The fugitive heartthrob arrives at the hairdresser looking for a physical change that will make it easier for him to flee from the authorities and when he meets Lala a mutual attraction is born that ends up turning into true love, but not before facing the long and bumpy road that relationships go through when they break up. involved come from opposite worlds. Difficulties that are even greater if Lala's condition is involved, who was first Lalo, and a jealous, ambitious and intriguing girlfriend who will do everything to win back her lover. While justice is done and Francisco's innocence comes to light, the coveted ""don Juan"" ends up living in the back room of the hairdresser's, protected by Lala and her picturesque friends from the neighborhood, in the midst of funny situations that also reveal the value of friendship and solidarity, above all.

Technical File

Directors: German Porras and Olga Lucía Rodríguez.

Scripts: Juan Manuel Cáceres, Héctor Moncada, Camilo Rojas, Jorge Mario Escobar, Sebastián Cáceres, Felipe Cáceres.

Executive Producer: Andrés Santamaría.

Genre: Dramedy.

Duration: 77 x 60.

Production year: 2020

Produced by: Estudios RCN.