Rafael Méndez (Sebastián Martínez) is a prolific seller of all kinds of household products. Alejandra Maldonado (Carmen Villalobos) is the successful Commercial Manager of Ramenautos. She is a woman of aristocratic origin, while Méndez is of peasant origin.

Méndez is in a relationship with Vicky Pardo (Juliette Pardau), a sensual and jealous neighbor. Alejandra is about to marry Luciano Valenzuela (Gregorio Pernía), her prince charming.

One fine day, fate crosses Alejandra with Méndez in a fatal accident and, from then on, their lives and those of the people close to them will never be the same again. Méndez will have to do everything possible to settle the debt with which he has left Alejandra after the accident and this closeness will lead them to fall in love despite the social differences. However, circumstances and their respective families and partners will do everything possible so that the love that has arisen between them cannot come true, making them enemies again, leaving Alejandra in poverty and Méndez in wealth.

Technical File

Direction: Israel Sánchez and Olga Lucía Rodríguez.

Original Ideal: Fernando Gaitán Salom.

Scripts: Juan Carlos Pérez and Patricia Rodríguez.

Executive Production: Yalile Giordanelli.

Genre: Dramedy.

Duration: 85 x 60'.

Production year: 2022

Produced By: Estudios RCN.