Mauricio Reina de La Hoz, famous designer and businessman, owner of Hebe, a women's underwear design company. In everyone's view, he has a perfect life: he is handsome, he has money, he is successful with women. Nothing is missing, his only concern is presenting the new underwear collection at the fashion week show, in which every year his company gambles everything for everything.

To carry it out successfully, his friends work with him, Dany, is his right hand and is in charge of logistics. Toño, he is a chef, and he is in charge of catering. Octavio is a truck driver and does the hauling, and Jorge is the lawyer who sometimes gives him legal advice. Despite the fact that everything seems to be going smoothly for Mauricio, he is left confused when Miranda, his girlfriend, proposes to him, but he is not interested in commitments and decides to break up with him.

On the other hand, and even worse, Mauricio discovers that Fabián, his partner, has stolen it and left the country with all the company's money, leaving him penniless. And to make matters worse, a few hours after the parade, María, a woman he met years ago, arrives at his door with an eight-year-old girl named Isabel, telling her that she is her daughter and that she must take care of her for the next six months while she He is going to live in Australia.

Technical File

Directors: Israel Sánchez and Catalina Hernández.

Librettos: Juan Andrés Granados, Fernando Rivera, Juan Carlos Troncoso y Elkin Ospina.

Executive Producer: Yalile Giordanelli.

Genre: Family.

Duration: 135 x 60'.

Production year: 2019

Produced By: Estudios RCN