Juana Levy is a hard-working woman who uses her charisma and beauty to launch Crimson Red, an innovative beauty product. This cosmetic was created by her grandfather Khalil, who seeks to exalt feminine beauty from sensuality and strength. Juana and her partner Jorge García will fight not only to keep their company afloat but also to consolidate their sentimental relationship, although on the way they will have to face Valeria Ruíz, a renowned model and businesswoman who not only wants to keep the Crimson Red product, but also Jorge's love and the company that Juana has fought to move forward. 

Technical File

Directed by: Víctor Cantillo and Catalina Hernández.

Scripts: Adriana Suárez, Ana Fernanda Martínez, Fernan Mauricio Rivera.

Original Idea: Fernando Gaitán.

Executive Producer: Consuelo González.

Genre: Telenovela - Drama.

Duration: 80 x 60' (Est).

Production Year: 2024.

Produced by: RCN Studios.