In a time without time and in a land without law, Tita Basante, indigenous princess, custodian of the ancestral tradition of minstrels, with the strength of love and the power of music that is her heritage, confronts evil incarnated in Nuncia Pompeii. , cruel and ruthless smuggler who longs to be the most powerful woman in the entire Caribbean. Because of her longing, Nuncia becomes obsessed with getting the love and lands of "el Macho Cárdenas", who despises her, in love with her as she is with the humble Tita Basante.

In her revenge against the only man who has rejected her, Nuncia will rob Tita of illusion, love and even life, which will end up transforming Tita into a Storm of Love, a singer of Vallenato romances, who one day will return to recover what Nuncia took from him. 20 years later, Tormenta and the Chamorros are called to liven up a party at the home of Governor Poncho Lasso, a general who came to San Juan to impose order, with a pain in his soul that only Tormenta managed to heal with his voice. The musicians liven up the engagement party between Miranda, the General's daughter, and Arturito Ovalle, Nuncia's son. In the party, Tormenta discovers in Miranda a pain similar to hers, she tells him that she does not love Arturito, but Leandro, but there is nothing she can do, the marriage is arranged. Shocked Storm escapes with Miranda and helps her meet Leandro, unaware that she is her own son.

In this odyssey, Tormenta meets El Macho again, and discovers that he is Leandro's father. El Macho doesn't recognize her, but he begins to love her again, this time not as Tita but as Tormenta. Poncho Lasso captures everyone, forgives the singer for being the voice that heals her sorrows, and sentences El Macho and his son to death. Tormenta, still in love, sacrifices herself for both of them and asks Poncho to set them free in exchange for being his wife. The General accepts. Tormenta leaves with him, but at the same time she runs away with El Macho, Poncho discovers them, tries to collect the betrayal but ends up assassinated by the hands of Nuncia and Arturito, who seizes power and sentences Tormenta and El Macho to death for the alleged death. of the general.

About to die, Tormenta tells Macho that she is Tita and that she has never stopped loving him. El Macho finds in the truth the reason to continue fighting against Nuncia, Arturito and a tragic destiny that does not stop looming against them, day after day.

Technical File

Direction: Diego Mejía

Scripts: Andres Cortes, Raúl Prieto and Rosa Clemente

Executive Producer: Claudio Faciolince

Genre: Drama.

Duration: 74 X 60

Production year: 2015

Produced by: Fox Telecolombia for RCN Televisión

Distribuction: TIS Productions.